Chapter Board of Director Elections

Regular chapter elections are an opportunity for all chapter members to shape the activities of the chapter and influence the local game industry in general. 


The Board of Directors of the chapter consists of five members, including a Chair and a Vice Chair (or two co-Chairs), a Treasurer, and a Secretary, plus any other titled positions the Board may deem appropriate. One person may hold more than one office.


Elections are held for general seats on the Board, and not for specific positions. At the start of each new term, the Board votes to allocate position titles and duties among its members. Board members serve a two-year term, with staggered elections held annually. 


In the event that any seat on the Board is unable to be filled through regular elections or becomes vacant by resignation or any other reason, the remaining members of the Board may vote to appoint an interim Board member to serve out the remainder of the two-year term.


Board composition change as of 2018:


Following a precedent set by the IGDA Board of Directors earlier this year, we have adopted a change to the composition of the Board from five elected members to three elected and two appointed members. 


Elections will still be held every year for two-year terms, with one seat reserved for appointment and alternately one or two seats open for election each cycle. When members put themselves forward for consideration as an elected Board member, they will also be considered for an appointed Board position. Moving to a Board that includes appointed as well as elected positions ensures that the Board members will be carefully selected to meet the current and future needs of the chapter and its members, helps guarantee representation of different backgrounds on the Board, and also provides members with a voice on the Board of Directors through the elected representatives.


Voting Eligibility

In order to vote in the election, you must be a dues-paying, registered member of the IGDA. Student members are not eligible to run or vote; however, students may opt to purchase a professional rather than a student membership in order to participate in elections and receive the other benefits of full membership. To become a member, visit

2018 Election Results

The results of the 2018 election are in!


Jess Haskins was the election winner, and retains her seat in the role of chapter Chair. The Board voted to appoint and welcomes Olga Polukhina as its newest member. 


The new roster for the 2019 term is:


Jess Haskins, Chair

Bill Podurgiel, Treasurer

Coray Seifert, Board member

Mattia Sicuro, Secretary

Olga Polukhina, Board member


From all of us on the IGDA NYC team, we sincerely thank departing Co-Chair James Seetal for his dedicated service to the chapter and steadfast support of the community, and wish him the best as he leaves to start a new adventure!