Chapter Board of Director Elections

IGDA NYC Board of Directors Election 2019


Annual chapter elections are an opportunity for members to shape the activities of the chapter and have an impact on the local game industry and community. 


The chapter board of directors consists of five members, including a chair and a vice chair (or two co-chairs), a treasurer, and a secretary, plus any other titled positions the board may deem appropriate. One person may hold more than one office.


Elections are held for general seats on the board, and not for specific positions. At the start of each new term, the board votes to allocate position titles and duties among its members. Directors serve a two-year term, with staggered elections held annually. 


In the event that any seat on the board is unable to be filled through regular elections or becomes vacant by resignation or any other reason, the remaining members of the board may vote to appoint an interim director to serve until the next election cycle.


Voting Eligibility

In order to run or vote in the election, you must be a paid, registered member of the IGDA by the close of the nomination or election period. Student members are not eligible to run or vote; however, students may purchase a professional rather than a student membership in order to participate in elections and receive other benefits of full membership. To become a member, visit

Election Timeline:

  • November 11: Four-week nomination period opens with a call for nominations and request for candidate statements.
  • December 9: Nominations close at 11:59pm. LAST DAY FOR CANDIDATES TO REGISTER IGDA MEMBERSHIP.
  • December 11: The slate of nominees will be approved and announced by the IGDA NYC board of directors. Nominees' statements will be posted on the IGDA NYC website and social media channels. 
  • December 16: Two-week voting period opens. Votes will be cast using IGDA's website. 
  • December 30: Voting closes. LAST DAY FOR VOTING MEMBERS TO REGISTER IGDA MEMBERSHIP. The winners will be privately notified by email within one week of the close of the election period. 
  • January 1: Newly elected members of the board of directors officially take office. Votes on position appointments will occur at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the board.


Call for Nominations:

This year two seats are open for election, with one seat reserved for appointment. Continuing members of the board are Jess Haskins and Olga Polukhina.

Qualifications for Office:

Nominees for the IGDA NYC Chapter Board of Directors must:


  1. Be a member of the IGDA in good standing.
  2. Agree to abide by the Leadership (Board of Directors) Code of Ethics found here: 
  3. Agree to uphold the chapter Mission Statement and Values and Code of Conduct, found here: 
  4. Have read the IGDA Professional Chapter Handbook and agree to be bound by its terms. The manual can be found here: 


Level of Commitment

Members of the board should be prepared to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to carrying out their duties. A director's responsibilities include:

  • Regular attendance at monthly virtual meetings of the board.
  • Service on at least one committee and attendance at monthly virtual committee meetings.
  • Occasional attendance at public "Open Office Hours" and other IGDA NYC–hosted events.
  • Conducting the regular business of the chapter and being accountable for any owned tasks or action items.
  • Responsiveness to matters requiring timely communication via email or Slack.
  • Ownership and fulfillment of the specific duties of any titled position held. For example, the secretary is responsible for keeping and distributing detailed meeting minutes and organizing the files and records of the chapter; the treasurer is responsible for overseeing the chapter's funds, tracking expenses and disbursements, and reporting to the board on financial matters.

If you are interested in contributing to the chapter but unable to meet the commitments required of a director, you may wish to consider becoming a volunteer instead.

Nomination Procedure

Any IGDA member who meets the qualifications may self-nominate by following the procedure below.


IGDA Nomination Application


Please read and complete the following form by or before 11:59PM EST on the last day of the election period:


Candidates' Statements


Each candidate will have the opportunity to prepare a statement that will be published to the IGDA NYC website and emailed to chapter members as part of the election materials. This statement may be no more than 400 words long. Any statements longer than 400 words will be returned to the candidate and the candidate will be asked to provide a shorter one. If no statement of 400 words or less is provided before the close of nominations, the election materials will state that no statement was provided. 


Candidates are advised to maintain a professional tone and focus their statements on their personal philosophy, priorities and goals for the chapter (~3/4 of statement). It is acceptable for candidates to provide some background on themselves (~1/4 of statement).


No candidate's statement will be edited for any reason. However, the election coordinator reserves the right to request edits or revisions if it is deemed that a candidate's statement contains inaccuracies, false statements, or inappropriate language or content.




Candidates who want to withdraw from the election before the election materials are distributed to members should notify a chapter director by emailing prior to the election meeting.



The IGDA NYC chapter relies on the active contributions and enthusiasm of its members to effectively function and serve the community. Thank you for taking part!