Chapter Board of Director Elections

IGDA NYC Board of Directors Election 2019


Annual chapter elections are an opportunity for members to shape the activities of the chapter and have an impact on the local game industry and community. 


The chapter board of directors consists of five members, including a chair and a vice chair (or two co-chairs), a treasurer, and a secretary, plus any other titled positions the board may deem appropriate. One person may hold more than one office.


Elections are held for general seats on the board, and not for specific positions. At the start of each new term, the board votes to allocate position titles and duties among its members. Directors serve a two-year term, with staggered elections held annually. 


In the event that any seat on the board is unable to be filled through regular elections or becomes vacant by resignation or any other reason, the remaining members of the board may vote to appoint an interim director to serve until the next election cycle.


Voting Eligibility

In order to run or vote in the election, you must be a paid, registered member of the IGDA by the close of the nomination or election period. Student members are not eligible to run or vote; however, students may purchase a professional rather than a student membership in order to participate in elections and receive other benefits of full membership. To become a member, visit

Election Timeline:

  • November 11: Four-week nomination period opens with a call for nominations and request for candidate statements.
  • December 9: Nominations close at 11:59pm. LAST DAY FOR CANDIDATES TO REGISTER IGDA MEMBERSHIP.
  • December 11: The slate of nominees will be approved and announced by the IGDA NYC board of directors. Nominees' statements will be posted on the IGDA NYC website and social media channels. 
  • December 16: Two-week voting period opens. Email ballots with voting instructions will be sent to registered IGDA members who have NYC selected as their primary chapter. 
  • December 30: Voting closes. LAST DAY FOR VOTING MEMBERS TO REGISTER IGDA MEMBERSHIP. The winners will be privately notified by email within one week of the close of the election period. 
  • January 1: Newly elected members of the board of directors officially take office. Votes on position appointments will occur at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the board.


2019 Candidates for the Board

This year two seats are open for election, with one seat reserved for appointment. Continuing members of the board are Jess Haskins and Olga Polukhina.



Kevin Hoskin


Ultimately, I want to give back to an organization and community that has been a great positive influence on me for the last number of years. I’d like to offer my skills and abilities, as a business owner and artistic professional, to take on some of the responsibilities required to operate the New York chapter. I would like to help expand the IGDA’s outreach in the New York area, in their tradition of inclusivity, advocating to more disciplines and talents relevant to the games industry. I’d like to help bolster the chapter’s strength as a resource for new members of the community to encounter opportunities to directly engage the games industry at large, specifically job creation and company bootstrapping. I would hope to continue to create a venue that inspires developers to apply their craft, and seek out other members of New York’s thriving game development scene to collaborate with.



Oliver Hong


Hey folks, my name is Oliver Hong and I'm a game designer. I'm a recent graduate of NYU's MFA Game Design program and am currently working on publishing my latest project, Swords at Dusk, a Victorian social deduction game that was played at this year's Come out and Play festival.


My first venture into the games industry started with an IGDA event. While the games I were making at the time didn't fit into the traditional digital game formula, and I didn't have the extra cash to shell out for an IGDA membership, I was welcomed into the community all the same. This would be the first time I paid the dues to become an actual IGDA member, because I want to give back to the community by continuing the Chapter's tradition of being an open space for budding gamemakers to thrive, and to connect New York's melting pot of talent with our community.


What I would strive do as a member of the board:


- Further establish the IGDA NYC chapter as a central hub of connecting the game dev community to New York's variety of talents

- Organize events beyond the current social/networking events: game jams, playtesting events, and showcases

- Advocate for events in venues more accessible from boroughs outside of Manhattan and Brooklyn

- Connect to other organizations outside of the game development community for potential collaborative events



Wesley Paisley


I want to make a change and make developers, as well as other gaming professionals that is requires education and action to enact that change. A move that allows the IGDA NYC to continuously advocate for its members for career advancement, personal integrity, as well as educate the professional industry on the presence of IGDA. Every action and inaction leads to new doorways, portals or warp pipes. 


Hence, I want to:

open developers to thinking about sharing information in their career:

approaching legitimate career coaches;

presenting webinars on career alternatives that actually lead to one's goals;

advocating presentations for mental health (as well as encourage certification in Mental First Aid certification and; 

knowing your immigration status and understanding setbacks of signing contracts without knowledge.


 As an IGDA member, I advocated for creating a labor union for developers, and before that, I volunteered with organizations that supported for mental health awareness.  I want to continue in that effort because I see that IGDA developers, artists and musicians need stronger protection for their community.



Mattia Sicuro


Helping out as a board member has been a great opportunity over the last two years and I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing the NYC Dev scene grow and adjust to everything around this city. My philosophy for the NYC chapter would be to continue to help improve the chapter as a resource highlighting all the other groups and organizations around NYC that put in so much amazing work, as well as continue to learn how we can value the pockets of veteran experience present in NY in order to drive the learning community. In addition to consistently attending and helping sustain events like the Ice Cream socials, helping the team continue to optimize how we receive feedback from the community for these events would be a big goal as well. Overall, being consistently present at events, filling in with secretarial tasks and helping initiate events that adjust to what the community needs would be my continued priorities as a board member.


The IGDA NYC chapter relies on the active contributions and enthusiasm of its members to effectively function and serve the community. Thank you for taking part!