Celebrating NY Game Dev with #NYMakesGames

We want to highlight and celebrate great work by local game creators, and let the world know that NY Makes Games. We'll spread the good news about your game's public release, award win, crowdfunding campaign, early access launch, press coverage, or recruitment drive for playtesters or alpha/beta testers. (If you're hiring or looking for collaborators, that's perfect for our opportunities section.)


News we receive will be shared through our channels, including social media and our monthly newsletter. To submit news for inclusion, just fill out the form below or use this link.


You don't have to submit just your own projects—if you know of any New York-developed game you think should be in the list, please share.


Here's to great games made in New York!

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For more on great games made in New York, check out the #NYMakesGames tag on Twitter. Use the tag in your posts to boost awareness and share good news!

Give credit where it's due

Are you developing a game in New York? Let the world know!


We encourage you to consider including a note in your credits such as Proudly made in New York, along with the #NYMakesGames label.


If we all did this, it would help to raise the profile of our local industry and we would all benefit. New York developers make some fantastic games that players love—it's time to get some credit!