Come hang out in the IGDA NYC community Slack!

We’re pleased to announce that IGDA NYC now has a Slack for community members to connect! It’s a place to get to know one another, continue discussions from events, show off what you’re working on, get feedback, organize gatherings, and share news and info.


For those who haven’t used Slack before, it’s kind of like IRC for the modern age, a private community backchannel, or group instant messaging without the pressure. (And while that’s not what this one is for, it’s also a really handy communication tool for small production teams – so if you’re looking for an efficient way to keep your distributed indie team in touch, it’s worth a look!)


Ready to check it out? We have to add members individually, so to request an email invite to the group, you can head over and fill out this quick form.


For more about Slack and how it works, check out


If you have any questions before diving in, you can get in touch with us at


A big thank you to Michael Calvert (@rawrsoft on Twitter) for proposing and organizing the Slack group!